Distinguished Guest Lecturer, AARP October 2016

Guest Lecturer and Negotiation Coach at St. John’s Law School.

Board Member and Speaker, The Exit Planning Business Owner’s Forum 2015 and 2016.

Professor at Marino CLE about Negotiation and Estate Planning. Closing the Deal – Natalie Elisha, Esq.

Natalie Elisha a rising star, by Ben Meyers

“Natalie Elisha is simply unstoppable…”

New lawyer in town brings ambitious goals,

an exclusive interview with Natalie Elisha by Shant Shahrigian

How to Protect Your Business From Creditors and Predators,

an interview with Natalie Elisha by Nina Kaufman

New To the Street (As seen on TV), interview with Natalie Elisha, ESQ.

Speaking with Hakeem Jeffries, a fellow Binghamton Alumni, about the student debt epidemic.

Natalie Elisha with her student team from St. John’s Law School after winning the ABA Northeast Negotiation Competition. The team beat 24 teams in order to clench the Northeast Regional Title. Went on to compete at the 2016 National Championships.